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China Hit Hard by Hacking Attack as Asia Assesses Damage

New York Times - Mon, 15/05/2017 - 7:56pm
Students reported being locked out of final papers, while other people said A.T.M.s and the payment systems at gas stations had been affected.

Lyft and Waymo Reach Deal to Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars

New York Times - Mon, 15/05/2017 - 12:31pm
The fiercely competitive autonomous vehicle market got a jolt when Lyft, the ride-hailing start-up, and Waymo, the self-driving unit of Google’s parent company, confirmed a partnership.

How to Catch Hackers? Old-School Sleuthing, With a Digital Twist

New York Times - Mon, 15/05/2017 - 12:19pm
While cybercrimes like the global ransomware attack have much in common with traditional robberies, they can be more destructive and harder to solve.

Toshiba Auction of Chip Unit Is Slowed by Dispute With U.S. Partner

New York Times - Mon, 15/05/2017 - 11:12am
Western Digital, an owner of a Toshiba semiconductor factory, said it was entering arbitration with the company, claiming Toshiba needs its consent to a sale of the business.

Small Countries’ New Weapon Against Goliaths: Hacking

New York Times - Mon, 15/05/2017 - 10:00am
Vietnam is a case in point, with a group that targets foreign companies appearing to be sponsored by the state, according to a new report.

Russia, This Time the Victim of a Cyberattack, Voices Outrage

New York Times - Mon, 15/05/2017 - 8:55am
The country was hit the hardest in the first wave of a global hacking effort, with banks, cellphone operators and railroads fending off attacks.

As Viewers Drift Online, Advertisers Hold Fast to Broadcast TV

New York Times - Mon, 15/05/2017 - 6:49am
Ad buyers will spend billions, as they did last year, to be a part of the TV season, knowing that, ratings aside, television still reaches more people than digital ads.

Hacking Attack Has Security Experts Scrambling to Contain Fallout

New York Times - Sun, 14/05/2017 - 7:53am
The “ransomware” attacks across continents raised fears that people would not be able to meet ransom demands before their data were destroyed.

With New Digital Tools, Even Nonexperts Can Wage Cyberattacks

New York Times - Sun, 14/05/2017 - 7:15am
The ransomware tactic behind a global cyberattack on Friday was nothing new. But new digital tools mean that hackers “don’t even need to have any skills to do this anymore.”

Bits: Farhad’s and Mike’s Week in Tech: More Uber News and Snapchat’s Challenges

New York Times - Sun, 14/05/2017 - 1:00am
Uber and Waymo are headed to court. Britain’s health service is hit with a ransom attack, and Snap’s first earnings report is a disappointment.

What We Know and Don’t Know About the International Cyberattack

New York Times - Sat, 13/05/2017 - 11:00pm
The spread of a “ransomware” attack around the globe affected the United States much less because a British cybersecurity researcher accidentally stopped the attack from spreading more widely.

Security Experts Scramble to Contain Fallout From Cyberattacks

New York Times - Sat, 13/05/2017 - 10:33pm
The severity of the attacks in developing countries like China also highlighted the problem of illegally copied software, which tends to be more vulnerable to malware.

Table for Three: Sheryl Sandberg and Elizabeth Alexander on Love, Loss and What Comes Next

New York Times - Sat, 13/05/2017 - 10:00pm
Both the Facebook executive and the acclaimed poet lost their husbands at an early age. Their books offer others a path forward after tragedies.

Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone? Refresh Your Feeds

New York Times - Sat, 13/05/2017 - 10:00pm
Often maligned for selfies and flame wars, the internet is playing an important role in tracking down lost pets. But they still need collars.

Education Disrupted: How Google Took Over the Classroom

New York Times - Sat, 13/05/2017 - 9:00pm
The tech giant is transforming public education with low-cost laptops and free apps. But schools may be giving Google more than they are getting.

Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries Exploiting Stolen N.S.A. Tool

New York Times - Sat, 13/05/2017 - 12:40pm
The attacks amounted to an audacious global blackmail attempt spread by the internet, and underscored the vulnerabilities of the digital age.

Apple Gives Corning $200 Million to Invent Better Phone Glass

New York Times - Sat, 13/05/2017 - 11:54am
The investment in Corning’s Kentucky plant could also help Apple in Washington as it seeks support for big corporate tax cuts.

Spotify Said to Lean Toward Direct Listing on N.Y.S.E.

New York Times - Sat, 13/05/2017 - 8:36am
By eschewing a conventional initial public offering, Spotify would signal that it is not going public to raise additional money.

Retiring: Senior Discounts Aren’t Just for Seniors Anymore

New York Times - Sat, 13/05/2017 - 5:23am
People as young as 50 can qualify for special offers at some retailers, and apps and websites are making them easier to find.

Sheryl Sandberg Commencement Speech Transcript: ‘We Build Resilience Into Ourselves’

New York Times - Sat, 13/05/2017 - 5:01am
Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, spoke to Virginia Tech’s class of 2017 at commencement ceremonies on Friday.