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Why Some Amazon Workers Are Fuming About Their Raise

New York Times - Wed, 10/10/2018 - 4:01am
Last week the company was praised for increasing what it paid its warehouse workers. Now the company is explaining what that means for bonuses and stock grants.

Facebook’s New Gadget Is a Video-Chat Screen With a Camera That Follows You

New York Times - Wed, 10/10/2018 - 1:42am
At a time when trust in its services is eroding, the social network introduced Portal and Portal Plus, its first major effort to build consumer hardware from scratch.

Google Plus Will Be Shut Down After User Information Was Exposed

New York Times - Tue, 09/10/2018 - 1:07pm
Google did not notify authorities of the vulnerabilities in Google Plus, which exposed the data of up to 500,000 users.

Yesterday in Styles: 2001: When the Internet Was, Um, Over?

New York Times - Tue, 09/10/2018 - 10:02am
After the 2000 dot-com crash and the Sept. 11 attacks, it seemed as if the era of cocky young Silicon Valley techies minting easy millions was over for good. Ha.

The New Health Care: That New Apple Watch EKG Feature? There Are More Downs Than Ups

New York Times - Mon, 08/10/2018 - 10:00pm
The heart monitor should not be considered a medical device and reflects wider problems with health screens.

Silicon Valley Investors Shunned Juul, but Back Other Nicotine Start-Ups

New York Times - Mon, 08/10/2018 - 8:43am
The willingness to back some nicotine start-ups while condemning others illustrates the delicate ethical dance that investors are trying to perform.

Tech Workers Now Want to Know: What Are We Building This For?

New York Times - Mon, 08/10/2018 - 8:21am
Tech employees concerned their products are being deployed for government surveillance or censorship are increasingly asking their employers how the technology is being used.

Why Is This Happening: Content for Humans About the Content of Humans

New York Times - Sat, 06/10/2018 - 11:59am
Spotify and Ancestry team up for that saliva sample sound.

Inside the World of D.I.Y. Ammunition

New York Times - Sat, 06/10/2018 - 3:31am
Millions of weapons aficionados reload their own ammunition and cast their own bullets, acts of individualism that are hallmarks of the broader American gun ethos.

Bits: The Week in Tech: A Breach That Ripples Far Beyond Facebook

New York Times - Sat, 06/10/2018 - 2:00am
The hack of 50 million Facebook accounts affects logins on hundreds of other sites. Plus, two billionaires lost big, and another shared the wealth.

Update: Believe It or Not, Airport Bathrooms Are Getting Better (and Cleaner)

New York Times - Fri, 05/10/2018 - 10:00pm
New technology that draws from user feedback is helping.

Rifts Break Open at Facebook Over Kavanaugh Hearing

New York Times - Fri, 05/10/2018 - 12:23pm
A prominent show of support from a Facebook executive for Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh as he faced assault claims has brought new turmoil to the company.