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Javascript errors, line numbers from IE

Posted by admin on Tue 02 Jun 2009

Recently I received an email from Gary who tried out my shareware Javscript editor, ScrypTik. I tried to reply directly, but his email bounced. Gary's question was a good one, so I'll answer it here as it may help others. Question:

I have downloaded a copy of ScrypTik and I like what it can offer. However, I have the following issue which is typical of my application:

I have a PHP file which refers to numerous js files e.g. When running the PHP, The IE browser (v7) will refer to a line number "line 706: character 3" which bears no relation to my PHP source file. It seems to be erroring on some Javascript at run-time. I know this is a run-time error since it occurs in specific situations.

What is the best way of locating the error with your product?

My Answer:

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Javascript code filter for Drupal

Posted by admin on Fri 27 Jun 2008

This was an explanation of how I wrote a Drupal5.n module to filter javascript code so that it displayed syntax highlighted. Drupal 7 has been released, this site has been upgraded and I decided to display programming code syntax highlighted using the GeShi PHP library. It caters for most languages and there is a geshifilter module to integrate the library into Drupal. Here are some examples:

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Web story, the beginning

Posted by admin on Wed 14 May 2008

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