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SEO, the loooooooooong tail

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Posted by admin on Tue 27 May 2008

This site is about web development. I provide web design and development services. It is optimized for words like "web development" plus my geographic location.

But this site is found most frequently by a phrase (or variation) to do with the difference between static and dynamic web sites. This is NOT what I anticipated.

However, if people are coming to my site from a google search for "difference between static and dynamic web sites", there must be a reason.

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Of course I have a page explaining the difference between these types of sites because I want to assist people progress from static to dynamic. I never planned for it to be my most popular landing page! This is an example of "long tail" keywords. I should and will milk it.

I have discovered content from the static/dynamic page copied verbatim on other web sites. It seems students are told to find out the difference between dynamic and static web sites, so they enter the phrase into google and quickly find their answer. I should be flattered.

Obviously, in terms of search popularity, "web development" is way up there. I have a minute chance of being found by a search for these generic key words. Instead, I will offer more information to the difference seekers and attempt to convert them into useful visitors (i.e. monetize - shudder).

Oh, The Long Tail, Why the Future of Busieness Is Selling Less of More by Chris Anderson is well worth reading.